Wild New Anamorphic Sculptures From the Warped Mind of Jonty Hurwitz

Image ano-3.jpg

The Illusive Cat, 2016.

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Take a Tour of a Japanese Manhole Factory Where Neighborhoods Create Their Own Designs

Image manhole-1.jpg

In most countries, the design of manhole covers is scarcely given a second thought other than the basics of material and a generic pattern resulting in drab metal circles with a purely utilitarian function.

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Portraits of People with Beards and Hairstyles Brimming with Life by Olaf Hajek

Image hajek-1.jpg

Incorporating aspects of South American folklore, mythology, and religion, Berlin-based artist Olaf Hajek depicts thoughtful portraits of women and men infused with elements of life—often in their hairdos. Over the last few years Hajek’s illustration work has appeared in major publications from the New York Times to the Guardian, but he also exhibits his acrylic paintings on wood and cardboard in galleries around the world. His most recent collection of work is being published in a forthcoming book titled Olaf Hajek: Precious , and one of his pieces was selected for the Communication Arts Illustration Annual 58 .

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A Menagerie of Animals Covered in Surreal Landscapes of Flora and Fauna by Ellen Jewett

Image jewett-12.jpg

Working with a mixture of cold porcelain and polymer atop a metal wire armature, artist Ellen Jewett ( previously ) creates wildly intricate sculptures of animals covered in a tangle of surreal embellishments. The artist describes her works as “anthrozoology meets psychoanalysis,” where tiny clues left in the feathers, fur, and tentacles of each piece lead to a greater story of its meaning. From her artist statement: Each detail, down to the finest filigree, is free-modeled by hand

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How to Make the World’s Smallest Cup of Coffee

For their brand new advertisement, Finnish coffee roaster Paulig asked director and animator  Lucas Zanotto to brew a cup of coffee from a single bean. Using a nail file to create the grounds, Zanotto then boils water over a single tea light, and finally pours the freshly brewed java one drop at a time into a thimble-sized mug. The video has a direct relationship to recently popularized miniature cooking videos on Youtube, which have produced everything from miniature deep-fried chicken  to tiny shrimp tempura

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Dual Bowls: Striking Mixed Metal Bowls Forged With the Ancient Art of Sand-Casting

Image bowls-7.jpg

Fusing ancient techniques with contemporary aesthetic, Dual Bowls are one-of-a-kind vessels forged from a mixture of recycled brass, copper, zinc, or nickel in this new project from artist Kawther Al Saffar . The bowls are made in partnership with the Alwafi Foundry in Kuwait who utilize a variety of sand-casting methods with sand acquired from the nearby Nile river.

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Fictional Butterflies Animated as Illuminated GIFs by Vladimir Stankovic

Image butter-1.gif

Australia-based illustrator Vladimir Stankovic  has created several series of GIFs depicting his fantastical portrayal of the natural world, animating subjects such as Cepharthropoda (animals with characteristics of both cephalopods and arthropods), Cephalopodoptera  (his cross between mollusks and insects), and the Lepiodoptera Obscura (seen here).

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A Stained Glass Cabin Hidden in the Woods by Neile Cooper

Image cabin-1.jpg

Stained glass artist and jeweler Neile Cooper had a vision for a sanctuary: a small cabin behind her home in Mohawk, New Jersey that would feature her glass designs on every available surface. The result is Glass Cabin , a structure built almost entirely from repurposed window frames and lumber that features dozens of panels of her stained glass work, depicting flowers, birds, butterflies, mushrooms and other scenes from nature. Cooper explores many of these same motifs in her popular jewelry designs .

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Comical Ceramic Figures Produced With Ancient Materials by Luciano Polverigiani

Image polverigiani-1.jpg

South American artist  Luciano Polverigiani  creates ceramic objects that lay at the intersection of fine art sculptures and toys, figures that are designed with both a playful and thoughtfully considered eye.

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Super Satisfying Video of a Woodcarver Making ‘Fibonacci’ Spiral Shavings

Image fibonacci-1.jpg

In this all too brief video woodworker Paul Sellers gives us a close-up view as he creates a number of ultra satisfying ‘Fibonacci’ spiral shavings. Between the soothing music, camerawork, and the mathematical perfection of each spiral as it rises from the wood, I could watch something like this all day.

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