Fluid Rocks: Artist Flavie Audi Forms Gem-Like Sculptures from Glass

Image rock-1.jpg

Fluid rock 26 — 2017 glass, fine gold, 25 × 25 × 20 cm London-based French-Lebanese artist Flavie Audi upends ideas of both geology and glass with her sculptural series, Fluid Rocks .

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Figures From Hieronymus Bosch’s Paintings Recreated as Sculptural Piñatas

Image RobertoBenavidez_07.jpg

Artist Robert Benavidez focuses on the art of piñata making in much of his sculptural practice, producing birds, sugar skulls, and paintings out of the same technique used to create the iconic candy-filled party object. His latest series of piñatas focuses on the work of the 15th century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch , reimagining Bosch’s 2D figures as life-size sculptures.

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New Needle Felted Food and Animal Friends by Hanna Dovhan

Image felt-4.jpg

The word “cute” is woefully insufficient in describing the squee-inducing impression of these needled felted wool sculptures by Ukraine-based designer Hanna Dovhan (previously here and here ). Her latest pairs of hand-made mustachioed donuts, mushrooms, croissants, and veggies are all designed to rest in a tender embrace or to simply hold hands. You can see more by following her on Instagram or in her Etsy shop Woolsculpture .

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Islands Digitally Composed From Images of Abandoned Sites by Fabio Araujo

Image island-1.jpg

Brazilian designer Fabio Araujo digitally composes images of abandoned sites to create undesirable islands, small patches of earth ripped up from long neglected corners of civilization. The series, Abandoned Places , exists both as image and video as Araujo animates discrete elements of the works to play in a loop. These areas serve as the only “living” aspect in-frame, focusing on a single deer or bubbling creek that has managed to survive amidst crumbling architecture and rusted water towers

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School of Visual Arts Continuing Education Fall 2017 Information Sessions (Sponsor)

Image Colossal-August-14_Sponsored-Post_Nectar-CE-Web-Ad-800x500-speakUp.jpg

Meet our faculty and learn about our courses. Get the inside scoop on career opportunities and discover the latest on what we have to offer. Sessions begin at 6:30pm and are open to the general public, free of charge.

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Figural Lace Sculptures Attached to Found Wood by Agnes Herczeg

Image lace-1.jpg

Hungarian artist Agnes Herczeg creates figural lace works of female forms, capturing figures in moments of contemplation or work. In one piece the subject stands at a loom, appearing to weave herself from the included fibers. In each of her works Herczeg uses all natural materials, incorporating small pieces of wood or other found materials to serve as a sculpture’s bed frame, hair accessory, floating vessel, or small shelf.

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The Phenomenon Of “Crown Shyness” Where Trees Avoid Touching

Image trees-1.jpg

Photo © Dag Peak .

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A Turbulent Black Sea Fills a Three-Story Wall in Kiev, Ukraine

Image JakeAikman_06.jpg

London-born and Cape Town-based artist Jake Aikman  paints scenes that aim to capture the mysterious nature of environments at the edge of civilization, producing dramatic seascapes and dense patches of tropical forests in his oil paintings. His latest work moves from canvas to wall, upscaling his practice for the first time to produce a three-story tall mural of a stormy Black Sea.

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MIT Developed a Fabric That Can Fold Into Origami-Like Shapes When Inflated

Image foldy.gif

MIT Media Lab ‘s  Tangible Media Group has created a system to fold materials into various origami shapes when inflated, turning specifically designed paper, plastic, and fabric into representations of swans, helixes, or other 3D figures with minimal human interaction.

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A Bamboo Recreation Facility Inspired by the Lotus Flower Blooms in Thailand

Image PanyadenSchool_11-1.jpg

The  Panyaden International School is an education center located in Chiang Mai, Thailand built entirely from natural materials. Architecture firm Chiangmai Life recently designed a covered recreation hall for the school’s sports teams, creating a 2,500-square-foot bamboo terrace that echos the Buddhist values found in the school’s curriculum. The lotus-inspired structure was built without any steel reinforcements or other manmade materials, and stays naturally cool in the city’s humid climate while also withstanding high-speed winds and earthquakes.

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