Abstract Cakes Topped With Chocolate Brushstrokes

Image Kalabasa_08.jpg

Moscow-based bakery Kalabasa  takes a more abstract view of cake decorating, mounting its confections with stiff swipes of chocolate that look like painted brushstrokes. The colorful cakes and cupcakes are each decorated with layers of the crisp painterly gestures, and often drizzled with similar colors to tie together the whole production.

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Hurdy-Gurdy: UGEARS Launches the World’s First Mechanical Musical Model

Image ugears-1.jpg

All-in-one: puzzle, toy and fully fledged musical instrument, UGEARS has just launched one of their most ambitious mechanical models yet— Hurdy-Gurdy, now on Kickstarter .

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A Technicolor Basketball Court Emerges in Paris

Image court-1.jpg

Photo © Sébastien Michelini In a unique collaboration between French fashion brand Pigalle and design agency Ill-Studio , the Paris Duperré basketball court was recently redesigned and repainted with a vibrant new color scheme. The narrow basketball court is nestled between two apartment buildings in the 9th arrondissement and has become a backdrop of sorts for unconventional color schemes, the first of which appeared in 2015 .

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Portraits of Women Painted on the Handles of Old Paint Brushes by Rebecca Szeto

Image brush-1.jpg

Misako Shirasu .

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New Paintings Which Combine Cubist and Realist Elements by ‘Belin’

Image BelinUpdate_07.jpg

Spanish artist Miguel Ángel Belinchón or “ Belin ” ( previously ) has long practiced photorealistic murals. It was in 2016 however, that his work began to mutate with the adoption of a cubist style, elongating his subjects’ necks and segmenting their faces in ways that would make Picasso himself proud. Despite the distorted facial features, many of his new works feature recognizable subjects

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Wildly Absurd Experimental Body Animations by Esteban Diacono

A post shared by Esteban Diacono (@_estebandiacono) on Jun 9, 2017 at 6:33pm PDT Argentinian motion graphics designer Esteban Diacono spends most of his time producing slick digital treatments for corporate clients around the world from Fox to FX and the Discovery Channel. But he also sneaks in a few hours each day to work on an ongoing series of hilarious (or completely discomforting depending on your perspective) animation experiments that he shares through his Instagram account . The floppy 3D renderings of haggard old men being shot at with donuts and imposing suited figures clad in scale-like armor are all ways for Diacono to learn new animation tools like Houdini while expressing himself creatively, free of commercial constraints

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Artist Lucy Sparrow Opens an Entire Convenience Store of Handmade Felt Products in Manhattan

Image DAB6E45A-59F5-48A1-BB29-356E080404F2.jpg

If you have a late-night hankering for some felty gefilte fish or a bottle of fermented fabric, be sure to stop by 8 ‘Til Late , the newest temporary installation by British artist Lucy Sparrow known for her felt recreations of everyday objects. Located in Manhattan at The Standard, High Line , the bodega is filled from floor to ceiling with thousands of objects you might find at a typical corner store from breakfast cereals, a deli counter brimming with meats, frozen foods, and spirits—all made from felt and a bit of paint. And just like a real store, every last thing is for sale

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A Large Suspended Tree Trunk Carved Down to a Frayed Rope by Maskull Lasserre

Image wood-1.jpg

Schrodinger’s Wood . Ash tree trunk, chain hoist, gantry.

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Rock Sculptures Suspended Within Bell Jars by Their Own Weight by Dan Grayber

Image DanGrayber_08.jpg

Cavity Mechanism #12 w/ Glass Dome. 2013. Mixed.

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A Mixture of Paint, Soap, and Oil Form an Eye-Opening Galaxy of Aqueous Visuals

Director Thomas Blanchard ( previously ) has teamed up with photographer Oilhack to create this dizzying new video of paint, soap, and oil mixing together titled Galaxy Gates .

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